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We at Basti CG love building.

Our brand is embedded in a thriving industry that services both a local and global market. We have built a team of energetic and engaged members that have over 40 years of combined construction and project delivery experience allowing us to leverage our expertise, better enabling us to continually deliver high-quality projects and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Basti CG has achieved organic growth by prioritising strong relationships and consistently delivering successful projects. Our commitment to building lasting partnerships with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers has been instrumental in our expansion. Through open communication, mutual trust, and collaboration, we have fostered an environment of teamwork and synergy, allowing us to seamlessly navigate complex construction challenges.

'We hold a deep appreciation for the building process, our passion is in the transformation of spaces and how these changes create a difference for our clients.'

what we do.

Basti is a commercial construction company that specialises in high-end fitouts, hospitality refurbishments, basebuilds and new community buildings.

We are situated in Sydney, Australia with a global presence in both Europe and the US. A large percentage of our client base have an inherent business background whether it be through our dealings with owners of SME business', private development firms or larger REIT organisations.

Basti takes pride in our experiences in working with business owners, leveraging our construction knowledge to help transform workspaces, enhance employee well-being, and boost productivity. By understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by businesses, we provide tailored solutions that maximize space utilisation, incorporate efficient design elements, and create inspiring environments that foster collaboration and innovation.

When you engage Basti Construction Group, you can trust that you are partnering with a construction firm that values integrity, transparency, and open communication.


culture, motive, experience.

'We are committed to delivering high-end projects, but even more committed to building long lasting relationships that venture past business and into friendships.'

our process.

Our team have built an end to end system that allows our clients to be assured their needs are serviced from start to finish. We find it beneficial to be engaged in the early design stages of any project to ensure a free flowing and efficient construction process.

Key outline in summary.

I Concept outline

II Design review and functionality

III Feasibility assessment

IV Construction methodology planning

V Project Management review

VI Budgeting and feasibility

VII Staffing and contractors

User Wait
Business Plan

concept and engagement.

Stage 1: Engagement and Briefing

Stage 2: Project Workflow

Stage 3: Design Concept

pre construction planning.

Stage 4: Drawings and Council Submissions

Stage 5: Pricing, Budgeting and Feasibility

Stage 6: Contracts and Approvals

our process.

Upon engagement our working proposal is detailed in full to give our clients an understanding of how we operate. The scheduled process is then tailored to suit our clients and their business. We place effort and care into our processors to ensure a quality outcome when handover is finalised.

Setting out future objectives and strategies

allows for transparency and precise execution.

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under construction.

Stage 7: Construction and Site Management

Stage 8: Quality Control

Stage 9: Post Contract Items

handover and post construction.

Stage 10: Occupation Cert. and Compliance Checks

Stage 11: Handover

Stage 12: Post Build care

our services within industries.

'We provide a wide range of services and have specialist tradesmen dedicated to delivering high quality work. As we have a controlling interest in our key partners, we have made the construction process smoother, more reliable and focused to tailor to the needs of our clients projects.'

Basil Paffas

Co Founder

construction works.

specialised industries.

Office Fitouts

Civil Major Works and Roadworks

Commerical Construction Incl. Refurbs Basebuilds and Remedial Works

Hospitality Projects Incl. Hotels, Bars, Restaurants

Purpose Built Centres for Communities

Design and Construction Packages

Project and Site Management

Medical and Dentistry Facilities

Schools and Educational Precincts

Corporate and Office

Hospitality and Social Venues

Industrial and Production Facilities

Government and Community

Highly Intensive Industries E.g. Military and Gaol

our construction management service.

pre development and construction management.

project and client side management.

Site selection and feasibility

Due diligence and acquisition process

Development programs, budgets and proforma entitlement rights

Project scope documents and RFPs

Procurement of consultants and contractors

Design and intent review

Development approvals and permitting

Cash flow analysis

Value engineering and cost optimisation

Project budget and schedule management

Coordination of approvals and permits

Change management

Progress payment analysis and management

Smart procurement services

Occupancy management

Construction closeout management

ESG programs and reporting

Landlord work and turnkey services or solutions

White Concrete Building Near Green Trees

our clients.

'Our clients are very important to us, they are apart of our family.

Ensuring that we exceed their expectation is our primary goal when considering customer service. As a team, we constantly strive to improve our systems, people, skillset and delivery to ensure our standards are always at a high level.'

Ben Hoffman

Business Development

Quotation Mark

Client Review

Quotation Mark

Client Review

Quotation Mark

Client Review

Quotation Mark

Client Review


'We have worked with Basil and the team at Basti, for over 18 months and have thoroughly enjoyed the relationship. Their team has provided great value to our property portfolio and investment fund.

We consider ourselves partners of the Basti brand and look forward to their growth.'

'We engaged Basti to build our commercial development project located in South West Sydney. The team were efficient and detailed in delivering the project, we have begun engaging them on our next project.'

'The Basti CG team was presented with an extremely tight deadline for our latest store fitout. The team worked around our store's operating hours, ensuring no downtime or loss of business during this time period. Basti exceeded our expectations and will be handling all of our future projects.'

'We connected with Basti CG via their Investments arm. We had a great experience, Ben Hoffman (BDM) and the Basti team assisted us in developing and re-modelling our commercial property portfolio which has recently seen a large return on investment. We highly encourage any investors to speak with the team.'

Paul Baer

Durant Wyot Capital

Neville Zarafetas


George Gregory

Baby Kingdom

Thomas Hughes

BSH Capital

Modern Apartment Comples

our clients.

"Being apart of the Project Management team, our core internal focus is on communication amongst the onsite team to ensure a high-end finish. In turn, we have found that onboarding trade businesses under the Basti banner has resulted in a heavy reduction in cost and we are now turning projects more efficiently and with less errors.'

Marcus Prestianni,

Project Manager

Quotation Mark

Client Review

'We have been engaged with the Basti's firm for a while now having completed and delivered a number of projects with the team. The team have always on call for us and that alone has been extremely valuable to our operation.'

Josh McRae,

Ray White Double Bay

Quotation Mark

Client Review

'The Basti team have been first class in transforming our commercial space. They were thorough, their attention to detail was high and they provided us with a great overall experience. We highly recommend their services'

Jas Khara

Noru Pharma

Quotation Mark

Client Review

'We have various hospitality venues and have engaged Basti to deliver a new fitout concept to our bars and restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Their building experience has always been enjoyable and we now consider ourselves long-term partners of the Basti brand.'

Thomas and Beam Papa

Thai and I

Quotation Mark

Client Review

'Basil, Alessandro and the team have been excellent to deal with. We completed our office fitout with the Basti team and could not be happier with the outcome. I have engaged the team to consult an up and coming development.

George Kyriacou

Lux Advisory

partnerships and business relations.

We value our partners as they are a big contributor to the overall success of the Basti Corporation. Our loyal contractors and associates have allowed our delivery teams to handover a high end quality built product and project management service.

Overtime a number of these partnerships have evolved, providing our upper management with opportunities to merge or acquire relevant trade and construction businesses. We have reinvested our business acumen, time and equity to rebuild acquired companies bettering our internal resources. A prime example of this is Basti Paints.

The additional trade support and serviceability gives us greater authority over the entire building process, in turn allowing us to be more hands on with the management of each and every project we complete.

Together with our partners specialised trade services and Basti's management structure, we have created a team that will cater to any project.

Basti Paints

Our Painting Company.

Circled Thin

Capitol Flooring

Our Flooring Partners.


Our Joinery Partners.

Circled Thin



Circled Thin

Durant Wyot


Our Capital partners.

Modern Apartment Interior Design
New Build Construction
Fitzroy VIC
Fitzroy VIC
Fitzroy VIC
Hunter Region NSW
Warehouse storage of a retail goods store.
Hunter Region NSW
Hunter Region NSW
Office Fitout
Contemporary Office
Office Conference Room
Surry Hills NSW
Redfern NSW

project gallery.

Docklands Vic
Road works
Civil Industrial
construction site of new building. industrial infrastructure development background.
Nowra NSW
Nowra NSW
Broadbeach QLD
Chairs and Tables in Hotel
Sydney CBD NSW
Goldcoast QLD
Interiors Retail
Chatswood NSW
Mosman NSW
Nowra NSW

project gallery.

Sydney CBD NSW
Sydney CBD NSW
Dental Clinic Room
Ontario CAN
Ontario CAN
Haymarket NSW
Potts Point NSW
Chippendale NSW
Potts Point NSW
Rome Prati Italy

project gallery.

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